About us?

  • Electric power marketer to end users in the regulated and unregulated market, and to the wholesaler
  • Presence in Colombia since 2013
  • We provide energy nationwide
  • We develop wind and solar energy projects
  • Made up of professionals with long experience and knowledge of the operation of the energy market in Colombia.

What we offer?

  • Savings on your electricity bill through our competitive rates
  • We do not speculate, our rates are stable
  • Effective responses to your needs with our 24/7 emergency service
  • Online consumption platform to monitor your consumption

  • Energy efficiency solutions to optimize your consumption

What is our track record?

  • Colombia’s first environmental license for a wind project in La Guajira
  • Among the first wind projects in Colombia to obtain a reliability charge

  • 62% of the projects awarded in the first renewable energy auction of the Colombian Government were developed by Renovatio

  • Colombia’s First Private Renewable Energy Contract Auction

What are our values?

  • Transparency and responsibility towards our clients

  • Commitment to the environment, sustainable development and renewable energy

  • Continuous improvement and innovation

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